Inside the Mind of an ID Researcher

COVID-19. Coronavirus. Delta strain. Pandemic. Lockdown. Exposure sites. Confirmed positive case. Outbreak. Pfizer. AstraZeneca.

Familiar? Yes. You’ve heard of these words way too many times. There is a growing torrent of research projects and new scientific papers about coronavirus and many other topics in ID. Does the word ‘research’ excite you? Are you interested in research but aren’t too sure of what the process involves? Do you see yourself discovering something new and becoming the next Nobel prize winner?

UMIDS is excited to bring you another top-notch event that will open your eyes to the world of ID research, featuring experts in the field. The webinar aims to give undergraduate and medical students a better understanding of the research process. We take you behind the scenes to chat with three infectious diseases researchers working in different fields. How is research done and importantly, how do researchers think?

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Date: 23-AUGUST-2021
Time: 7:00-8:00 PM

Don’t forget to bring along your burning questions! See you soon ❤

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